The Writing Room began as a Creative Writing group in November 2012. It was a partnership between Cork City Library, groups promoting literacy within the city and Poetry Ireland. Local author Kevin Doyle facilitated the group. The programme had the theme HARBOUR, which was to be a riff on the idea of memory and stories based on life experiences. wordleKevin as facilitator drew on this theme and broadened and enriched the group’s participation in writing and literature over a period of two hour sessions for eight weeks in the public library setting.
This was the first attempt by many within the group at writing creatively and the completed short story is a group collaboration. The Writing Room project succeeded in bridging the gap between the practicalities of literacy and the wonder of literature to a group that was very eager to learn.
One participant has written about his personal journey through literacy and this is also included as part of the inaugural writings of The Writing Room. We appreciate his honesty and openness and hope it will encourage others in their endeavours.
The Writing Room is now an online forum for groups associated with Cork City Libraries to share their collective writings.

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